Tesla The foundation of TESLA BLATNÁ company is dated back to the year 1958. Almost a half a century of the experiences with manufacturing resistors, suppression parts for automotive industry, parts and components for electronics and electro engineering, has created the basis for the present-day production. Recent private company is engaged in development, production and sale of parts, components and equipment for automotive, electronic and electrical industry and in machinery production. Above-mentioned activities are covered by approximately 380 employees in the production and support departments. The technical evolution of the products is assured by own development department. Positioning of products on the market and sales are maintained by sales department, also experienced in the field of foreign trade. Export averages out at 50% of gross production.

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Automotive parts
Supply of parts for motor vehicles has a long tradition in Tesla. The current portfolio includes the production and supply of ignition cables, ignition coils, car accessories and car light bulbs.
We regularly take part in exhibitions and trade fairs in Europe and Asia.
You can see the list of parts supplied by us in the product catalogues.
Purchase can be done through e-shop or you can use sales network of our customers.

Electronic components
One of the important manufacturing articles is the production of passive electronic components. Over 80 percent of the production volume in this segment is made up by power resistors. Chokes and winding elements account for twelve percent of the volume of the center’s production, and about eight percent of the optics and photoresist.
Our products are exported into more than twenty countries, among biggest customers are Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA, Italy and Poland.

Smart City - environmental module
TESLA Environmental Module is designed to measure air quality and other physical quantities in urban areas. The device is composed of nine independent sensors that measure air quality, temperature, humidity, pressure, light, dust particles and noise levels. The carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone and nitrogen dioxide concentrations are measured in the standard device configuration. Request for different type of measurement (ie, another kind of physical quantity monitored) is necessary to consult our application engineer .
Typical use of the module is in places with polluted air (zones in dense traffic, junctions, production sites). In terms of installation, the most suitable placement is for example a public lighting column, or another place where 220V power supply is available.
The LORA or IQRF protocol is used to transmit data to the cloud. The user then tracks the results of the measurement via the web application.
In the event of a power failure, the Li-Ion rechargeable battery may alternatively be built into the module, the charging of which is controlled by an internal built-in processor-controlled charger.
Customer electronics
The Center for the Production of Electronic Devices is mainly focused on the production of customer modules for controlling electric motors, chargers for portable tools and Li-Ion battery protection. Thanks to our own development department, we are able to respond to the latest trends in this field, while complying with European and American standards for electromagnetic compatibility and other standards.
In the field of chargers and electronic protections for accus, Akku Power company is the most important customer for us in this field. In case of control electronics belng to our customers ATAS, TechTronic Industries (TTI), Festool, Flex. customer installation for Bahoza, Lešikar, KV2 Audio and FAE.

Catalogues / Datasheets :
Customer electronics
Sensors and sensors platforms
Tesla Blatná a.s. produces sensors on a ceramic substrate for industrial and scientific use. The most widespread product type in this segment is the platinum temperature sensor Pt1K. For the purpose of detecting specific media, we offer a number of platforms.
The construction of interdigital gold electrodes marked BI2 or KBI2 combined system consisting of IDE electrodes, heating element and platinum layer temperature sensor offers the possibility of application of sensitive layers by the method of spin, drop-coating. The sensor platforms are provided with silver wire outlets. Metal layers are formed by thin and / or thick layer technology by sputtering and screen printing.
Sensor development and production takes place in so-called “clean rooms” of ISO 7 and 8 classes according to ČSN / EN 14644-1. (ie in areas with defined indoor environment quality), expressed as the number of solid aerosol particles of given particle sizes.
Most developed sensors are the result of the OE222 project co-funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic – EUREKA / EURIPIDES.

You can use our e-shop to purchase spark plugs, car light bulbs and car accessories.
We offer the above-mentioned car parts for more than 50 types of cars, even for the most widespread or historically well-known brands and models, such as Škoda 1000 MB, Škoda 100, Zastava, GAZ, VAZ, Wartburg 353 and others. p>
We supply the sets of ignition cables and coils according to the vehicle type either as Original (original = usually copper core – can also be replaced by resistors), Alternative Original Replacement or Supplement

We offer


Our developers have many years of experience in the field of switching power supplies, chargers, electronic protections for Li-Ion batteries, engine control and EMC compliance.


Customer PCB placement

Based on your request, we will complete or partially install the PCB.
Throughout the assembly process, we monitor the quality of the assembly process.


Clean Zone laboratories

The workplace is located in clean zones – laboratories. Spraying and steaming equipment, photolithography, trimming laser, substrate cutting machine are available.